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aktiv-testTracker. Emphasis issue completed with plenty of notesGustav Eek16 months
ge-meeting-listTo list of meetings, information on yearly meeting dates added.Gustav Eek4 years
ge/about-updateWebsite about. Structure updatedGustav Eek3 years
ge/aktiv-testTracker. Emphasis issue completed with plenty of notesGustav Eek15 months
ge/create-wiki-preview[create-a-wiki] Typo fixesGustav Eek22 months
ge/external-storage[inquiries] New inquiry document for expanded storageGustav Eek22 months
ge/nextcloud-docInital on nexcloud commentsGustav Eek22 months
masterRefer to Gehl regarding DNS and securityGustav Eek9 weeks
ov/aktiv-testRemove unrelated pages for laborationOskar Vigren22 months
ov/create-wiki-preview[create-a-wiki] Fix silly problem with kill server commandOskar Vigren21 months
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2021-07-18Refer to Gehl regarding DNS and securityHEADmasterGustav Eek1
2021-07-08Add article on productivityGustav Eek1
2021-06-24[website] Update paying informationGustav Eek1
2021-05-30[calendar] Uppdate annual meeting materialGustav Eek1
2021-05-27[liknande] Note on ABC-klubben addedGustav Eek1
2021-05-26Calendar. Update list of meeting documents for yearly meetingGustav Eek1
2021-05-25Update calendar and meetings reg annual meetingGustav Eek2
2021-05-25Aktivitetsdagar. Korrigera aktiviteterGustav Eek1
2021-05-24(no commit message)stian1
2021-05-24(no commit message)stian1