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aktiv-testTracker. Emphasis issue completed with plenty of notesGustav Eek2 years
ge-meeting-listTo list of meetings, information on yearly meeting dates added.Gustav Eek5 years
ge/about-updateWebsite about. Structure updatedGustav Eek4 years
ge/aktiv-testTracker. Emphasis issue completed with plenty of notesGustav Eek2 years
ge/create-wiki-preview[create-a-wiki] Typo fixesGustav Eek3 years
ge/external-storage[inquiries] New inquiry document for expanded storageGustav Eek3 years
ge/nextcloud-docInital on nexcloud commentsGustav Eek3 years
master[calendar] Adjust invitation to summer partyGustav Eek7 weeks
ov/aktiv-testRemove unrelated pages for laborationOskar Vigren3 years
ov/create-wiki-preview[create-a-wiki] Fix silly problem with kill server commandOskar Vigren3 years
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2022-08-17[calendar] Adjust invitation to summer partyHEADmasterGustav Eek1
2022-08-17[faq] Komplettera fråga om automatiska nerladdningarGustav Eek1
2022-08-17[faq] Lägg till Fråga om automatiska nerladdningarGustav Eek1
2022-08-02(no commit message)stian1
2022-06-17[calendar] Announce summer partyGustav Eek1
2022-05-31(no commit message)christian@09aa79bc42d71be1e6fb485f1765560722b7784f1
2022-05-25Update calendar and activity daysGustav Eek2
2022-05-25Add annual yearly meeting 2021 noticeGustav Eek1
2022-05-21flyttade avslutade utredningarstian1
2022-05-20[website] Clarify information for existing members and for gapsGustav Eek1