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* Upgrade syntax to Ansible 2.5.Guilhem Moulin2018-04-041
* Upgrade playbooks to Ansible 2.0.Guilhem Moulin2016-02-121
* Add SSH host keys to git.Guilhem Moulin2015-12-021
* ansible ssh transport wibbleGuilhem Moulin2015-06-071
* Enable zero-copy updates to the LDAP directory.Guilhem Moulin2015-06-071
* Move ansible modules to another directory.Guilhem Moulin2015-06-071
* Make use of Ansible 1.5 new features.Guilhem Moulin2015-06-071
* Tell ansible we generally want to use sudo(8).Guilhem Moulin2015-06-071
* Common MySQL configuration.Guilhem Moulin2015-06-071
* Postfix master (nullmailer) configurationGuilhem Moulin2015-06-071
* Basic ansible setup.Guilhem Moulin2015-06-071