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masterlogcheck-database update.Guilhem Moulin2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2021-02-13logcheck-database update.HEADmasterGuilhem Moulin1
2021-02-13Use dedicated DKIM key for Moulin2
2021-02-13Don't restart amavis on DKIM key generation.Guilhem Moulin1
2021-02-06munin: Skip ntp_* plugins when ntpq(1) is missing.Guilhem Moulin1
2021-01-27Roundcube: Fix favicon path.Guilhem Moulin1
2021-01-27Roundcube: Serve assets pre-compressed when possible.Guilhem Moulin1
2021-01-27Roundcube: Change document root to /var/lib/roundcube/public_html.Guilhem Moulin1
2021-01-26Postfix: pin key material to our MX:es for and its subdomains.Guilhem Moulin6
2021-01-24typofixGuilhem Moulin1
2021-01-24Use dedicated DKIM key for Moulin2