BranchCommit messageAuthorAge Use ldapsearch(1) to generate the LDIF.Guilhem Moulin5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
5 Use ldapsearch(1) to generate the LDIF.HEADmasterGuilhem Moulin2
5 daysmunin: `sed s,/var/run/,/run,`Guilhem Moulin2
5 daysbacula-dir: Add jobs for nextcloud-data.Guilhem Moulin1
5 daysbacula-{dir,sd}: Upgrade role to Debian Buster.Guilhem Moulin4
9 daysWiki: Content-Security-Policy: Add data: to img-src.Guilhem Moulin2
9 daysUse dedicated DKIM key for Moulin2
11 dayscgit: Tighten Content-Security-Policy.Guilhem Moulin1
11 daysLDAP: Add ACLs for group ‘styrelse’.Guilhem Moulin1
11 daysPostfix: Install -lmdb in all roles using db=lmdb.Guilhem Moulin4
11 dayspostfix-sender-login: Better hardening.Guilhem Moulin4