BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMSA: Open 465/TCP for Email Submission over TLS.Guilhem Moulin5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2019-03-19MSA: Open 465/TCP for Email Submission over TLS.HEADmasterGuilhem Moulin6
2019-02-05Port custom modules to python3.Guilhem Moulin5
2018-12-22firewall: gracefully close invalid connections.Guilhem Moulin1
2018-12-15fail2ban: Only install the roundcube/dovecot filters if needed.Guilhem Moulin1
2018-12-12submission: Prospective SPF checking.Guilhem Moulin5
2018-12-12Outgoing SMTP: masquerade internal hostnames.Guilhem Moulin3
2018-12-12IMAP: raise per user maximum number of inotify instances from 128 to 512.Guilhem Moulin1
2018-12-09IPsec: use Suite-B-GCM-256 algorithms for IKEv2 & ESP.Guilhem Moulin1
2018-12-09MSA verification probes: enable opportunistic encryption.Guilhem Moulin2
2018-12-09Use mariadb.service not mysql.service.Guilhem Moulin2