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ge/2016-06-14-boardInitial commit on minutes for 14 june 2016Gustav Eek4 years
ge/2017-01-23-boardMinutes written for Jan 23, 2017. Awaits aproval (LM, LJO)Gustav Eek2 years
ge/2017-05-13-annualThe economical report scanned and addedGustav Eek2 years
ge/2017-06-26-boardMerge branch 'master' into intgr/2017 for send updateGustav Eek2 years
ge/2017-09-25-boardMinutes initally written for board meeting Sep 25 2017Gustav Eek2 years
ge/2020-04-27-boardMinutes Apr 27, 2020. Per capsalam notes added.Gustav Eek3 months
ge/2020-05-10-annualAnnual 2020. Refactor commented code in minute templates.Gustav Eek3 months
intgr/2016Merge branch '2016-04-17-annual' into intgr/2016Gustav Eek2 years
intgr/2017Merge branch 'master' into intgr/2017 for send updateGustav Eek2 years
masterMinutes May 25, 2020. Approved.Gustav Eek3 months
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2020-06-25Minutes May 25, 2020. Approved.HEADmasterGustav Eek1
2020-06-21Minutes May 25, 2020. Minutes copy written. Awaits approval.Gustav Eek2
2020-06-21Minutes May 25, 2020. Abstract written.Gustav Eek1
2020-06-21Minutes May 25, 2020. Makefile and gitinore for completed minutes.Gustav Eek3
2020-06-21Minutes May 25, 2020. Acronyms updated.Gustav Eek1
2020-05-02By-laws. Update with decision from 2019 yearly meetingGustav Eek3
2020-05-02Operational plan 2019. Makefile updated and main createdGustav Eek3
2020-04-27Merge branch 'master' into 2020-03-23-boardGustav Eek2
2020-04-27Minutes Mar 23, 2019. Approved.Gustav Eek0
2020-04-27Merge branch 'master' into 2020-02-24-boardGustav Eek2