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* Notes added about IMAP problem in march.Gustav Eek2012-03-201
* Migration stepsStefan Kangas2011-12-221
* Merge branch 'master' of zetkin.marxist.se:fripost-adminStefan Kangas2011-12-221
| * More notes on Roundcube and preparation are added.Gustav Eek2011-12-211
* | Add notes for fixing relaying from elefantStefan Kangas2011-12-221
* Begin documenting making the switchStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Fix typosStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Change keywords to upper case achieving consistency with the org-mode manualStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Add luxemburg upgrade notesStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* The work with migraion preparations got forward.Gustav Eek2011-12-201
* The work with understandig MySQL was continued.Gustav Eek2011-12-111
* The work on Roundcube password plugin was continuedGustav Eek2011-12-041
* Work of finding passwordplugin for roundcube continued.Gustav Eek2011-11-241
* Project of addig password change in rouncube started.Gustav Eek2011-11-221
* Correction made to how to mount Raid discs.Gustav Eek2011-11-151
* Notes on benjamin's upgrade addedGustav Eek2011-10-111
* Diary createdGustav Eek2011-10-061