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Begin documenting making the switch
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Alla paket som ska installeras och tas bort, både från dpkg-selections på antilop och från fripost-docs, finns i /home/gustav/selections-2011-12-20.tar.gz på antilop.
+** WIP: making the switch
+When mistral is fully configured for migration, we should do the following steps (preliminary description):
+These steps are just an outline, they should be filled in, including the exact command lines to be used. Also, some of the steps can be tested beforehand (e.g. copying all emails, copying the database data from antilop and make sure it runs on mistral).
+*** Prepare a temporary SSH account on mistral
+This will be used to copy data immediately from antilop to mistral.
+*** Migrate data
+- copy all emails from antilop to mistral (this will be redone below)
+*** Stopping services (probably in this order)
+- stop postfix on antilop
+- stop dovecot on antilop
+- stop mysql on antilop
+*** Migrate data
+- copy all emails from antilop to mistral
+- copy the database from antilop to mistral
+*** Point
+- point imap.fripost.org to the new server
+*** Starting services (probably in this order)
+- start mysql on mistral
+- start postfix on mistral
+- start dovecot on mistral
* Upgrade of luxemburg to squeeze <2011-12-21 ons>
- `luxemburg', `harvey' and `zetkin' requires the package `firmware-linux-nonfree'.
This means we should add contrib and non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list, e.g.: