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Wiki-preview discriptions completed with some notes
The descritpion on how to set up a wiki preview is completed with how to handle the need for to test absolute links through update the */etc/hosts* file.
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@@ -13,7 +13,12 @@ The basic idea is something like the following:
. The Preview Ikiwiki Web Part
. ~/public_html/fripost-wiki-preview
-Where *~/git/fripost/wiki* is a local git repository with remote tracking of the main bare wiki repository **. A command will cause a local compiled version to be created, that is accessed by pointing the browser to *http\://localhost/~<name>/fripost-wiki-preview/*.
+Where *~/git/fripost/wiki* is a local git repository with remote
+tracking of the main bare wiki repository
+**. I define an alias command for
+recompilation of the local version of the. The local preview version is accessed
+by pointing the browser to
First the basics. According to [[Create a Wiki|create-a-wiki]] do the following:
@@ -43,3 +48,31 @@ You can also create an alias for to refresh the preview command.
$ alias fripost-wiki-preview-refresh='ikiwiki -setup /home/gustav/lab-wiki/fripost-wiki.setup -refresh'
+Many links on the Fripost wiki are absolute. That means that you
+sometimes will not be able to follow homepage page and wiki page links
+between your local preview wiki. For testing purposes, that can
+sometimes be necessary. The best strategy is to edit your */etc/hosts*
+table and make ** and ** point to
+*localhost*. Of course your web server need to be configured to serve
+those pages. This is my Nginx configuration:
+ #
+ server {
+ server_name;
+ location / {
+ root /home/gustav/public_html/fripost-wiki/website;
+ location /static { root /home/gustav/public_html/fripost-wiki; }
+ }
+ }
+ #
+ server {
+ server_name;
+ location / {
+ root /home/gustav/public_html/fripost-wiki;
+ }
+ }
+You might experience strange effects from that the web-browser has
+cached DNS information. Search Internet for how to flush your
+browser's DNS cache.