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Create a wiki. Instructions for Nginx added
Some instructions for Nginx added. Consider those a stub. *TODO Flash out those better.*
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@@ -38,6 +38,16 @@ install and configuration and
[an article on Git]( for more details on
setting up Ikiwiki together with Git.
+Install packages referred to in the ansible configuration:
+ sudo aptitude install \
+ ikiwiki \
+ libauthen-passphrase-perl \
+ highlight-common libhighlight-perl libimage-magick-perl \
+ libmail-sendmail-perl libnet-dns-sec-perl \
+ fcgiwrap spawn-fcgi \
+ pandoc
I did my best to answer the questions provided in the initial
installation and default configuration with the target of ending up
with something like this:
@@ -126,6 +136,21 @@ in Apache's documentation. My
+Install and conifgure Nginx
+A valid web server alternative
+For installation and configuration
+follow [Ikiwiki on Dot CGI]( `sudo
+aptitude install nginx`. Note the alexjj comment that on
+Debian the package *fcgiwrap* automatically spwans the FastCGI
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