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* Update cert for imap.fripost.org:993HEADmasterGuilhem Moulin2015-03-022
* Add the cert used by our 2nd Mail eXchange.Guilhem Moulin2015-01-122
* Update the cert used by our 1st Mail eXchange.Guilhem Moulin2014-07-142
* PGP-sign the list of fingerprints we use.Guilhem Moulin2014-04-125
* rekeying giraffGuilhem Moulin2014-04-081
* Direct to the freenode webchat.Guilhem Moulin2014-03-294
* Update url to fscons pesentationGrégoire Détrez2014-01-071
* Remove test.d.Guilhem Moulin2014-01-061
* Add link to the list server.Gregoire2014-01-061
* Merge branch 'ge-todo'Gustav Eek2013-05-282
| * Certificate information updatedGustav Eek2013-05-281
| * TODO list updatedGustav Eek2013-05-281
* | Updated certificate list.Guilhem Moulin2013-05-271
* Membership site updated with correct information for 2013Gustav Eek2013-04-161
* Contact information is updated with info for 2013.Gustav Eek2013-04-161
* Updates according to changes from annual meetingGustav Eek2013-04-161
* Organisation: UpdatesGustav Eek2012-12-312
* Information site on certificates addedGustav Eek2012-10-083
* English site is changedGustav Eek2012-09-091
* TODO updatedGustav Eek2012-09-041
* TODO updateGustav Eek2012-09-031
* Updates on members siteGustav Eek2012-09-033
* In fripost-web.el, 'preamble' changed to 'html-preamble'Gustav Eek2012-09-021
* TODO updatedGustav Eek2012-09-021
* Dead link.Guilhem Moulin2012-08-201
* TOTO updated with notes from the meeting June 14 2012Gustav Eek2012-06-261
* Updated the list of administrators.Guilhem Moulin2012-06-051
* Switch places for 'Logga in' and 'Nästa aktivitet'Stefan Kangas2012-03-192
* Todo list updatedGustav Eek2012-03-071
* Some minutes addedGustav Eek2012-03-071
* Infomation on membership fee updated to 200 kronorGustav Eek2012-03-074
* All minutes for 2012 so far are added.Gustav Eek2012-02-292
* Add spaces in plusgiro account nrStefan Kangas2012-02-131
* Improve description of the associationStefan Kangas2012-01-231
* Remove member counterStefan Kangas2012-01-231
* Add test.d/test to .gitignoreStefan Kangas2012-01-231
* Minutes for october 13 was added.Gustav Eek2011-12-041
* Merge branch 'master' of git.fripost.org:fripost-webGustav Eek2011-11-2210
| * Fix visible markupStefan Kangas2011-10-081
| * Reverting "Mention the party on the front page"Stefan Kangas2011-10-071
| * Add note for who to contact to join mailing listsStefan Kangas2011-09-221
| * Delete old event listStefan Kangas2011-09-221
| * Mention the party on the front pageStefan Kangas2011-09-221
| * Move technical FAQs to their own subsection in the FAQStefan Kangas2011-09-221
| * Slightly clarify a FAQ questionStefan Kangas2011-09-221
| * Add poster for party 2011-10-01.Stefan Kangas2011-09-211
| * Add a copy of the webmail logoStefan Kangas2011-09-061
| * Change the PayPal button to use Swedish localeStefan Kangas2011-09-061
| * Add my e-mail to the READMEStefan Kangas2011-09-031
| * Make README only refer to git.fripost.orgStefan Kangas2011-09-031