This repository contains the website of Fripost.


Use make to compile the page and copy it to fripost.org

  # compilation
  $ make 

  # publication
  $ make send

This is the standard project workflow

 1. Pull all repositories (ask Gustav and Stefan)
 2. Perform local changes
     - One change, one commit
 3. Compile and check ocularly locally through web browser
 4. Send to fripost.org
     - Perform an ocular check on fripost.org
 5. Push changes to your repository

These are the repositories to check for changes

 - Fetch URL:s
    - http://git.fripost.org/pub/fripost-web.git
 - Push URL:s
    - gitolite@git.fripost.org:fripost-web

To get push access to the repository at repo, get an account, and send an email to Gustav (see contact below)

(C) Copyright cc-by-sa 2010-2011 Gustav Eek <gustaveek@student.gu.se> and Stefan Kangas <skangas@skangas.se>.

You are free to use, change and redistribute this source according to the terms defined by Creative Commons Licence 3.0 Contribution Share Alike.