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@@ -25,15 +25,15 @@ description: Virtual mail hosting
# TODO: for postfix, it'd be more efficient and more secure to SASL-bind
# on a UNIX socket (EXTERNAL mechanism); wait for Postfix 2.8.
# TODO: IMAP, SASLauth, Amavis
-# TODO: if possible, make use GSSAPI/EXTERNAL for the services.
+# TODO: if possible, make use GSSAPI/EXTERNAL for the services and the replication.
dn: ou=services,o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev
objectClass: organizationalUnit
-dn: cn=SMTP,ou=services,o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev
+dn: cn=Postfix,ou=services,o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev
objectClass: simpleSecurityObject
objectClass: organizationalRole
-userPassword: smtp
-description: Where Postfix bind to for LDAP lookups.
+userPassword: postfix
+description: Where Postfix binds to for its LDAP lookups.
dn: cn=CreateList,ou=services,o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev
objectClass: simpleSecurityObject