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* Added a (mild) password policy for our services.Guilhem Moulin2013-01-301
* Password policyGuilhem Moulin2013-01-301
* Merged the attributes representing the localpart.Guilhem Moulin2013-01-241
* SMTP → PostfixGuilhem Moulin2013-01-221
* Reorganized the ACL.Guilhem Moulin2013-01-221
* ListCreator → CreateListGuilhem Moulin2013-01-211
* Added a service to delete expired pending entries.Guilhem Moulin2013-01-211
* Adapted the test suite to domain creation.Guilhem Moulin2013-01-211
* Adding new domains.Guilhem Moulin2013-01-201
* Updated the LDAP schema to suit the list creation script, and the acl to suit...Guilhem Moulin2012-09-261
* SMTP service.Guilhem Moulin2012-09-151
* SASL proxy authorization.Guilhem Moulin2012-09-091