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+# Load this file with
+# ldapadd -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -f base.ldif
+# It will create the base directory and add services needed to for our
+# systems to work.
+# If "o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev" exists, you can delete it with
+# ldapdelete -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -r "o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev"
+dn: o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev
+objectClass: organization
+description: Mail hosting
+dn: ou=virtual,o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev
+objectClass: organizationalUnit
+description: Virtual mail hosting
+dn: ou=services,o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev
+objectClass: organizationalUnit
+dn: cn=FPanel,ou=services,o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev
+objectClass: simpleSecurityObject
+objectClass: organizationalRole
+description: The adminstrator Web Panel
+userPassword: panel
+authzTo: dn.regex:^fvu=[^,]+,fvd=[^,]+,ou=virtual,o=mailHosting,dc=fripost,dc=dev$