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Note that we're migrating the main server to a VPS
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Information on this can be found in admin log-file
* Deferred projects
-** Think about what to use as main server in the future
+** DONE Think about what to use as main server in the future
+CLOSED: [2011-12-21 Wed 14:44]
+- CLOSING NOTE [2011-12-21 Wed 14:44] \\
+ We have now bought a VPS for this purpose, which we're in the process of migrating to.
** SMTP server
- We'll use gnu.friprogramvarusyndikatet.se for this
- Should be given priority since users have requested this
** Move the wiki to fripost.org/wiki
** Monitoring - Munin
*** TODO Give one configuration example so we could decide on what we need to activate