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Note that the RoundCube logo is already changed to Fripost logo
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** TODO Install PGP module in RoundCube
** TODO Implement greylisting on all receiving smarthosts
** TODO Convert ikiwiki to use org-mode backend
-** TODO Change RoundCube logo to Fripost logo
+** DONE Change RoundCube logo to Fripost logo
+CLOSED: [2011-12-21 Wed 14:41]
+- CLOSING NOTE [2011-12-21 Wed 14:41] \\
+ This is already done since some time. and documented in fripost-docs.
+ Also, the logo being used is in fripost-web.git as site/images/logo2011_webmail.png.
** TODO Document installation of OSSEC
- We will use the standalone rather than client-server solution
** TODO Document how to enable encrypted swap