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+title: Additional considerations for a Fripost wiki preview
+Here follows a few additional configuration considerations. These are
+not mandatory for a naked preview setup. To follow instructions,
+however, a setup according
+to [Create a Fripost wiki preview](/create-a-wiki-preview) is
+Absolute paths
+Many links on the Fripost wiki are absolute. That means that you
+sometimes will not be able to follow homepage page and wiki page links
+between your local preview wiki. For testing purposes, that can
+sometimes be necessary. The best strategy is to edit your */etc/hosts*
+table and make ** and ** point to
+Of course your web server need to be configured to serve those
+cat /etc/nginx/sites-available/localhost.fripost.conf \
+ | sed 's/\.localhost/\.org/g' \
+ | sudo tee /etc/nginx/sites-available/org.fripost.conf
+sudo ln -s -r -t /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ /etc/nginx/sites-available/org.fripost.conf
+sudo nginx -t && sudo systemctl restart nginx.service
+Modify the */etc/hosts* file:
+sed -n '/fripost.localhost/ {s/\.localhost/.org/g; p}' < /etc/hosts | sudo tee /tmp/hosts
+grep -q /etc/hosts \
+ || sudo sed -i '/::1.*fripost.localhost/ r /tmp/hosts' /etc/hosts
+You might experience strange effects from that the web-browser has
+cached DNS information. Search Internet for how to flush your
+browser's DNS cache.
+Public www locations (userdir)
+For to be able to access `http://localhost/~user` the "userdir"
+functionality is needed. For Nginx, put the following in e.g.
+server {
+ location ~ ^/~(.+?)(/.*)?$ {
+ alias /home/$1/public_html$2;
+ index index.html index.htm
+ autoindex on;
+ }
+This is of limited use in the context of Fripost's wiki.