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SQUASH Buster compatible instructions for create-a-wiki.
Adoptions for Debian 10 Buster are performed: * Pull library components (plugins) from wiki repo instead of ansible repo * Chance configuration to not use `smart` On wiki vs. ansible repos. The later is still on Squeze. The former is updated in separate commit.
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@@ -36,14 +36,14 @@ by pointing the browser to *http://fripost.localhost* and
*~/.ikiwiki/fripost-wiki.setup* will be only minor modifications of
Friposts wiki configuration.
-The guide assumes Debian stable. This is the overview of software
+The guide assumes Debian stable. Since July 2019 that is Debian 10
+Buster. This is the overview of software needed:
* Git -- from Debian
* Ikiwiki -- from Debian
* Pandoc -- from Debian
* Some Ikiwiki plugins (e.g. for Pandoc) which will be provided from
- Fripost's configuraiton
+ Fripost's configuration and wiki repositories.
* Nginx -- webserver from Debian
Install and configure Git
@@ -111,17 +111,20 @@ cat <<EOF | tee /tmp/fripost-wiki.sed
/^historyurl:/ s/^/\#/g
/^diffurl:/ s/^/\#/g
/^gitorigin_branch:/ s|:.*$|: ''|
+/^pandoc_smart:/ d
-sed -f /tmp/fripost-wiki.sed \
- < ~/git/fripost/ansible/roles/wiki/files/var/lib/ikiwiki/fripost-wiki.setup \
- > ~/.ikiwiki/fripost-wiki.setup
+sed -f /tmp/fripost-wiki.sed -i ~/.ikiwiki/fripost-wiki.setup
*TODO investegate what to do with post update thing.*
+Copy Ikiwiki configuration from Fripost Ansible repository:
+ cp ~/git/fripost/wiki/.ikiwiki/IkiWiki/Plugin/*.pm ~/.ikiwiki/IkiWiki/Plugin/
Run setup:
- $ ikiwiki --setup ~/.ikiwiki/fripost-wiki.setup
+ ikiwiki --setup ~/.ikiwiki/fripost-wiki.setup
Install and conifgure Nginx and host files