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Provide inital on instructions for development setup
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+title: Adoptions for taking part of function development
+Here follows again configuration and upgrades for those that take part
+in development of Fripost's wiki; that is the actual wiki, not the
+What is development of actual wiki? That can of course be many, but
+some examples contains:
+ * Templates that are part of site generations
+ * Styles, CSS, etc. that will change the look
+ * Plugins that extract data from the original text content, e.g. the
+ Pandoc plugin
+ * User side JavaScript and other front end aspects that enriches the
+ reading experience
+The prerequisites for good development are (1)
+a [local setup](/create-a-wiki-preview) of the wiki, (2) library
+components (plugins) from the repository and (3) recent version of the
+software components.
+**Local wiki preview.** Follow instructions in the
+article [Create a Fripost wiki preview](/create-a-wiki-preview).
+**Libraries from the Fripost wiki repository.** Change the wiki
+library path to point to directory *.ikiwiki* in the Git repository
+(which happen to be `srcdir`):
+srcdir=$(sed -n '/^srcdir:/ {s/.*: //; p}' "$setup")
+sed "/^libdir:/ s|:.*$|: $srcdir/.ikiwiki|" -i "$setup"
+**Upgrade Ikiwiki.** *TODO fill in how to do this.*
+**Upgrade Pandoc.** *TODO fill in how to do this.*