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* Prompt.pm: Fix a syntax errorStefan Kangas2012-09-091
* Domain aliases.Guilhem Moulin2012-08-142
* A more modular prompt.Guilhem Moulin2012-06-106
* Ensure that no cycle is created when add an alias.Guilhem Moulin2012-06-082
* Merge branch 'master' of git.fripost.org:fripost-toolsGuilhem Moulin2012-06-051
| * Fix a warning when searching with no query string specifiedStefan Kangas2012-06-051
* | Changing the command names to something more intuitive (hopefully).Guilhem Moulin2012-06-058
* Extended the template to use GPG.Guilhem Moulin2012-06-031
* Merge everything into a single executable.Guilhem Moulin2012-06-039
* More flexible use of wildcards on usernames.Guilhem Moulin2012-05-282
* New password policy.Guilhem Moulin2012-05-152
* Adding a flag --forceGuilhem Moulin2012-05-041
* Adding debug messages.Guilhem Moulin2012-05-037
* ‘IO::Prompt’ is deprecacted; Migrating to ‘IO::Prompter’ (by the same...Guilhem Moulin2012-05-032
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2012-05-031
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2012-04-281
* Updating the library to the new LDAP schema.Guilhem Moulin2012-04-285
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2012-04-191
* Search tools.Guilhem Moulin2012-04-192
* Unauthenticate binds; LDAP server defaults to ldap:// Moulin2012-04-181
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2012-04-181
* fripost-passwd is LDAP ready.Guilhem Moulin2012-04-182
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2012-04-183
* Implemented the changes on the LDAP schema.Guilhem Moulin2012-04-184
* OO Perl library for our LDAP schema.Guilhem Moulin2012-04-176
* fripost-adduser: LDAP readyGuilhem Moulin2012-04-152
* Use S-SHA1 by default.Guilhem Moulin2012-04-151
* Add new function to just prompt for confirmationStefan Kangas2011-11-181
* Fix typoStefan Kangas2011-04-051
* UpdatesStefan Kangas2011-03-211
* Send password with credentials mailStefan Kangas2011-03-142
* Fix exportStefan Kangas2011-03-142
* Fix package statementsStefan Kangas2011-03-144
* Improve outputStefan Kangas2011-03-141
* Better name: confirm_or_abortStefan Kangas2011-03-141
* WIP: send login information to address when adding userStefan Kangas2011-03-141
* Update copyright yearStefan Kangas2011-03-144
* User must verify password onceStefan Kangas2011-03-121
* adduser will not echo the passwordStefan Kangas2011-03-121
* Add logger stubStefan Kangas2011-03-081
* Fix alias table schema.Stefan Kangas2011-03-011
* Added new Schemas for alias, domain, logStefan Kangas2011-02-094
* move several prompts to a separate moduleStefan Kangas2010-12-311
* adduser also creates maildirStefan Kangas2010-12-311
* Fix password generation, add missing subroutineStefan Kangas2010-12-311
* Automatic password generation for new usersStefan Kangas2010-12-311
* Add fripost-adduser.plStefan Kangas2010-12-232