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* Merge branch 'presentation-common-goods' into dfrige-presentation-dfriGustav Eek2018-02-118
| * [prsnts/common-goods] Proposal separated by languageGustav Eek2017-10-185
| * [prsnts/common-goods] Significant updates to swedish scriptGustav Eek2017-10-181
| * [prsnts/common-goods] Update to PDF and MakefileGustav Eek2017-10-182
| * [prsnts/common-goods] Initial commit on sweedish scriptGustav Eek2017-10-182
| * [prsnts/common-goods] Language devision provided throughout the proposalGustav Eek2017-10-181
| * [prsnts/common-goods] Makefile added that creates nice notesGustav Eek2017-10-181
| * [prsnts/common-goods] Proposal translated to SwedishGustav Eek2017-10-181
| * [presentations/common-goods] Proposal as sent in to FSCONSGustav Eek2017-10-183
| * [prsnts/common-goods] Presentation common goodsGustav Eek2017-10-181
| * [prsnts/common-goods] Presentation Fripost as a common -- Initail commitGustav Eek2017-10-184
* | Poster added, lecture Miljöpartiet UlricehamnGustav Eek2017-11-112
* | Posters to migrate to google day addedGustav Eek2017-10-182
* Update to .gitignore fileGustav Eek2017-10-181
* Typo correction posters (Aug 28 Libre Office...)Gustav Eek2017-08-301
* Send routine modification for posters (Aug 28 Libre Office...)Gustav Eek2017-08-142
* Initial commit on Aug 18 Libre Office Online activity day posterGustav Eek2017-08-142
* Front page added to organisation leafletGustav Eek2016-10-273
* Initial commit on organisation leafletGustav Eek2016-10-271
* Send command to flierGustav Eek2016-10-271
* torfestJulipan2016-06-052
* The May Day flier updated againGustav Eek2016-01-115
* [flyers] Flyer moved to a new folder -- better structureGustav Eek2015-10-125
* Hypenation overseenGustav Eek2013-04-302
* Flyer created for May Day 2013Gustav Eek2013-04-285
* added logoStian Rødven Eide2011-10-081
* Add files for poster 2011-10-01.Stian Rødven Eide2011-09-221
* Add Fripost posterStefan Kangas2011-04-281
* Add pdf of May Day flierStefan Kangas2011-04-271
* Add flier textStefan Kangas2011-04-271
* Add flier for May Day 2011Stefan Kangas2011-04-272
* Move 2010 stuff into separate subdirectoryStefan Kangas2011-04-273
* Initial commit.To make leaflet of 2010 compileable some thing needs to be done.Gustav Eek2011-04-264