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* Updated the LDAP schema to suit the list creation script, and the acl to suit...Guilhem Moulin2012-09-268
* Reserved local parts.Guilhem Moulin2012-09-153
* SMTP service.Guilhem Moulin2012-09-154
* Test internationalized domain names.Guilhem Moulin2012-09-151
* SASL proxy authorization.Guilhem Moulin2012-09-0911
* Constraint overlayGuilhem Moulin2012-08-203
* Duplicating an attribute to add a presence index.Guilhem Moulin2012-08-205
* Archive the MySQL -> LDAP migration procedure.Guilhem Moulin2012-08-203
* A little test suite for LDAP ACLs.Guilhem Moulin2012-08-2011