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* A little test suite for LDAP ACLs.Guilhem Moulin2012-08-2011
* Updated the server overview.Guilhem Moulin2012-08-201
* Marked some items as DONE. Added a few ideas.Guilhem Moulin2012-08-201
* Replacing the MySQL bits by an LDAP version.Guilhem Moulin2012-08-201
* Add changes after board meetingStefan Kangas2012-06-142
* Archive several TODO itemsStefan Kangas2012-06-012
* [LDAP] Post-migration modifications.Guilhem Moulin2012-05-031
* ou=domains → ou=virtualGuilhem Moulin2012-05-021
* LDAP migration plan.Guilhem Moulin2012-04-302
* oopsGuilhem Moulin2012-04-281
* wibbleGuilhem Moulin2012-04-281
* LDAP migration (not tested!).Guilhem Moulin2012-04-191
* Notes added about IMAP problem in march.Gustav Eek2012-03-201
* New question to FAQ is addedGustav Eek2012-03-041
* Questions added to howto.Gustav Eek2012-03-011
* Add TODO to *add link from mail.fripost.org to fripost.orgStefan Kangas2012-01-311
* Add TODO for fripost-adduserStefan Kangas2012-01-181
* Add some TODO items concerning RoundCubeStefan Kangas2011-12-221
* Update TODO listStefan Kangas2011-12-221
* Note that MySQL warning has been fixedStefan Kangas2011-12-221
* Note that elefant should be relaying emails nowStefan Kangas2011-12-221
* Migration stepsStefan Kangas2011-12-221
* Merge branch 'master' of zetkin.marxist.se:fripost-adminStefan Kangas2011-12-221
| * Merge branch 'master' of git.fripost.org:fripost-adminGustav Eek2011-12-210
| |\
| * | Add some TODOs after discussion with GustavStefan Kangas2011-12-211
| * | More notes on Roundcube and preparation are added.Gustav Eek2011-12-211
* | | Add notes for fixing relaying from elefantStefan Kangas2011-12-221
| |/ |/|
* | Add some TODOs after discussion with GustavStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Begin documenting making the switchStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Add TODOStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Add TODO to fix relaying from elefantStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Add TODO to evaluate cfengineStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Remove unnecessary blank linesStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Fix typosStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Add mistral.fripost.org to server overviewStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Add server-overview.org, containing descriptions of our serversStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Note that we're migrating the main server to a VPSStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Note that the RoundCube logo is already changed to Fripost logoStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Change keywords to upper case achieving consistency with the org-mode manualStefan Kangas2011-12-212
* Add luxemburg upgrade notesStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Note that RoundCube already features changing from addressStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Add note that we'll use gnu for smtpStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Add org-mode settings logdone and lognotedoneStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Fix typoStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* Note that luxemburg is upgradedStefan Kangas2011-12-211
* The work with migraion preparations got forward.Gustav Eek2011-12-202
* The work with understandig MySQL was continued.Gustav Eek2011-12-112
* The work on Roundcube password plugin was continuedGustav Eek2011-12-041
* Work of finding passwordplugin for roundcube continued.Gustav Eek2011-11-241
* New file with small administration howtos created.Gustav Eek2011-11-221