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Marked some items as DONE. Added a few ideas.
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** TODO Document how to enable encrypted swap
- How does this work on a VPS?
** TODO Implement firewall rules on the systems
-** TODO Register on http://www.dnswl.org/
+** DONE Register on http://www.dnswl.org/
+CLOSED: [2012-08-20 Mon 01:04]
** TODO Fix mounting of raid device on benjamin in accordance with Debian 6.0
Information on this can be found in admin log-file
** TODO Fix so that we can use better value for RC imap auth type
@@ -34,19 +35,23 @@ there should be some sort of verification before emailing, such that a user e.g.
** TODO Add link from mail.fripost.org to fripost.org
** TODO Support for mailing lists
*** TODO Install mailman on zetkin
-* Deferred projects
-** Postponed LDAP Schema Changes
-*** Allow for domain aliases
-** SMTP server
+** TODO LDAP Schema Changes
+*** DONE Allow for domain aliases
+CLOSED: [2012-08-20 Mon 01:25]
+** TODO SMTP server
- We'll use gnu.friprogramvarusyndikatet.se for this
- Should be given priority since users have requested this
+- Experiment header forging to masquerade the sender's IP.
+* Deferred projects
** Move the wiki to fripost.org/wiki
** Monitoring - Munin
*** TODO Give one configuration example so we could decide on what we need to activate
ljo already uses Munin, so we could look at his configuration
** User level filtering of emails
-- We will use sieve, perhaps managesieve?
+- We will use sieve, perhaps managesieve? Dovecot v2.x has nice
+improvements over v1.x, see http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Pigeonhole/Sieve .
+Wait for the next Debian stable (wheezy)?
** Spamassassin (opt-in)
- one idea for handling the opt-in feature is: have people opt-in by creating a
spamfolder. make it clear that if they create a spam folder, they are opting
@@ -59,6 +64,16 @@ ljo already uses Munin, so we could look at his configuration
Can probably wait until December 23, 2012.
** Write a policy for our PGP-keys
[[http://www.haven-project.org/][Haven Project]]
+** When upgrading to Dovecot v2.x (wait for the next Debian stable - wheezy):
+replace the LDA by the new LMTP service. http://wiki2.dovecot.org/LMTP .
+** When upgrading to Dovecot v2.x (wait for the next Debian stable - wheezy):
+convert the maiboxes from maildir to Dovecot's high performance mdbox format
+http://wiki2.dovecot.org/MailboxFormat/dbox .
+** Do not deliver any content via HTTP (redirect everything to https://).
+** lists.fripost.org should be added to the SN list for fripost.org's SSL certificate.
+** Set up an Asterisk server?
+** Add a CNAME `ldap.fripost.org' -> `mistral.fripost.org'.
+** How to publish our SSL certificates? MonkeyShpere?
** Evaluate cfengine