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ge/2017-01-23-boardMinutes written for Jan 23, 2017. Awaits aproval (LM, LJO)Gustav Eek4 years
ge/2017-05-13-annualThe economical report scanned and addedGustav Eek4 years
ge/2017-06-26-boardMerge branch 'master' into intgr/2017 for send updateGustav Eek4 years
ge/2017-09-25-boardMinutes initally written for board meeting Sep 25 2017Gustav Eek4 years
ge/2021-05-30-annualMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ov/2021-05-30-annual-albin' into 2021-05...Gustav Eek8 months
ge/2021-06-21-boardMinutes Jun 21, 2021. Inital commit.Gustav Eek8 months
intgr/2017Merge branch 'master' into intgr/2017 for send updateGustav Eek4 years
masterMerge branch '2020-11-23-board'Gustav Eek8 months
ov/2021-05-30-annualAdd the boards proposal for the 2021 operational planOskar Vigren8 months
ov/2021-05-30-annual-albinApply some of Albin's suggestionsOskar Vigren8 months
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2021-05-24Add the boards proposal for the 2021 operational planov/2021-05-30-annualOskar Vigren2
2021-05-24Annual report. Memebership numbersGustav Eek1
2021-05-24Annual report. Complete acronymsGustav Eek2
2021-05-24[annual] Complete annual reportGustav Eek1
2021-05-24Annual report. Corect acronyms and makefileGustav Eek4
2021-05-19[annual] Complete annual reportGustav Eek1
2021-05-08[annual] Inital on annual reportGustav Eek1
2021-03-22Minutes Feb 22, 2021. Initail abstract providedGustav Eek3
2021-02-22Minutes Jan 25, 2021, Initial abstract providedGustav Eek4
2020-11-23Annual 2020. Corrections to makefileGustav Eek1